Early Career Support

Integrated Research Training Group (MGK)

The IRTG is a recruiting and qualification program that aims at a collaborative exchange of methods and techniques. A mentoring approach ensures critical feedback and supervision of project development. Members of the IRTG benefit from additional teaching, retreats and career development. more

Gender equality

Programs of the Federal State of Hesse support women at different career stages (Mentoring Hessen, i.e. ProAcademia and ProProfessur). Trainings and dual career services established by the partnership Rhine-Main Universities (RMU) provide career support and networks for female scientists. Within our CRC, we pay significant attention to a balance of invited speakers in terms of gender and career stages. Topics of gender, inclusion and diversity awareness are dealt with in interdisciplinary seminars and trainings.

Family-friendly benefits

All partners involved strive for times around noon as a starting point for seminars, guest lectures and meetings in order to make participation as family-friendly as possible. There is the possibility to relieve scientists with children – no matter if students, postdocs or PIs – by various measures, such as extra bench support, flexible working hours, childcare options during retreats, etc.