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Symposia and Guest Lectures

The regularly scheduled Symposia and Guest Lectures focus on emerging topics in the field of membrane biology and the structure, function, and dynamics of membrane-associated macromolecular complexes. Conferences hosted by CRC 1507 connect world-leading scientists from diverse backgrounds (biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, cell and structural biology, medicine) with the local research community.


Annual retreats outside Frankfurt are traditionally seen as a great opportunity to present and discuss project data and student progress in a focused, yet pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. By providing insights into current research, these events also provide a platform to strengthen the corporate identity of all CRC members and to enhance collaborations.

Every two years, the IRTG also organizes PhD retreats, where students at different stages of their doctorate present their research projects.


In line with our Günter Blobel Lecture Series, Prof. Dr. Bert Poolman from the University of Groningen visits the Biocenter on June 19, 2024 for his guest lecture about “Synthetic non-equilibrium vesicle systems for physicochemical homeostasis and membrane transport” (12:30, N100/0.15) and a career talk in the afternoon.

Prof. Dr. Joerg Bewersdorf from Yale University gives the next Günter Blobel guest lecture on June 24, 2024 at 12:30 about “All-optical super-resolution imaging of molecules in their nanoscale cellular context” (Biocenter, N/B2).

We are welcoming Prof. Dr. Erkan Karakas from Vanderbilt University on June 27, 2024 who will present his work on “Structural insights into the activation and gating mechanisms of IP3 receptors” at 12:30 in the Biocenter (N100/1.14).

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Congratulations to a new publication of Project 18 about the dual role of the peptide-loading complex as proofreader
and limiter of MHC-I presentation!

Welcoming Prof. Dr. Sarah Veatch from the University of Michigan on May 27, 2024 for her guest lecture on „Biological tuning of the membrane phase transition facilitates plasma membrane organization and function“ (12:30, N100/1.14).
Link for remote access:

📣Call for abstracts! 2 weeks left to register for our International Symposium "New Horizons in Membrane Biology" in Frankfurt in October. Look forward to 24 distinguished speakers, poster presentations, flash talks and short lectures.

Delighted to announce our next guest lecture “Harnessing protective functions of CD8 T cells to combat cytomegalovirus infections” by Dr. Berislav Bošnjak from Hannover Medical School on May 8, 2024 (12:30, seminar room N100/0.15). Link to remote access:

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