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Symposia and Guest Lectures

The regularly scheduled Symposia and Guest Lectures focus on emerging topics in the field of membrane biology and the structure, function, and dynamics of membrane-associated macromolecular complexes. Conferences hosted by CRC 1507 connect world-leading scientists from diverse backgrounds (biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, cell and structural biology, medicine) with the local research community.


Annual retreats outside Frankfurt are traditionally seen as a great opportunity to present and discuss project data and student progress in a focused, yet pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. By providing insights into current research, these events also provide a platform to strengthen the corporate identity of all CRC members and to enhance collaborations.

Every two years, the IRTG also organizes PhD retreats, where students at different stages of their doctorate present their research projects.


We are very pleased that Prof. Dr. Inga Hänelt, principal investigator of CRC project 4 and head of the IRTG, has been honored by the Goethe University for her exceptional research and strong commitment to the promotion of young researchers receiving the award „Scientist of the Year“ donated by the Alfons & Gertrud Kassel-Stiftung. Congratulations!

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✨Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a good start into the New Year - may your holiday season be filled with peace and kindness ✨ We are looking forward to upcoming scientific lectures, events and discussions in 2024

We're proud of the head of our Graduate School, Inga Hänelt, who just received the Goethe University Scientist of the Year Award in recognition of her outstanding research achievements and, in particular, the promotion of young scientists. Congrats Inga and keep up the good work!

On St. Nicholas Day Professors Gerhard Hummer and Martin Beck will present their CRC projects in our last scientific colloquium before Christmas (Dec 6th 2023, 12:30, seminar room N100/015)

Looking forward to welcome Prof. Marek Basler from the University of Basel on Nov 15, 2023 for his lecture on „Spatial and temporal regulation of Type 6 Secretion System dynamics during interactions with bacterial and eukaryotic cells“ (12:30, N100/0.15, or scan QR for remote)

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