Project 15

Structure and mechanism of membrane-bound hydrogenases

Principle Investigator: Dr. Bonnie J. Murphy

Research Areas: Structural Biology, Bioenergetics


Group IV membrane-bound hydrogenases (MBHs) are members of the Complex I superfamily, catalyzing H2production coupled with ion translocation across a membrane by an unknown mechanism. Using biochemical techniques and anaerobic, redox-controlled single-particle cryo-EM, we will study both the structure and mechanism of two MBHs: the formate-hydrogen lyase (FHL) complex from E. coli, and the energy-converting hydrogenase (Ech) from methanogenic archaea. By solving structures of the complexes under different gas and redox conditions, we will gain insights into the conformational changes that accompany catalytic turnover, and therefore the mechanism of coupling between substrate turnover and ion translocation.

Dr. Bonnie J. Murphy

Steering Board of the IRTG

Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt



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