Project 05

Molecular dynamics of light responsive molecular machines

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Josef Wachtveitl

Research Areas: Biophysics, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy


In this project, we will study conformational dynamics in membrane-associated machineries with a focus on microbial rhodopsins using time-resolved UV/vis and IR spectroscopy. For novel rhodopsins, various spectroscopic methods, covering several orders of magnitude in time, will be applied to track the complete reaction sequence from ultrafast local perturbation to slower long range conformational changes. Furthermore, the impact of external factors (pH, ions, environment, …) on the dynamics and function of novel and well-characterized microbial rhodopsins will be studied together with Glaubitz P01. The presence of certain ions can have large effects on microbial rhodopsins, both structurally and dynamically. Additionally, several microbial rhodopsins have a distinct oligomeric state that is critical for their function and dependent on the physiological environment. Studying the oligomeric state dependence of the complete reaction sequence is another important part of P05 and will lead to further understanding the functional role of supramolecular assemblies of microbial rhodopsins. In addition, we plan to control the function of well-characterized microbial rhodopsins via multipulse experiments. The aim is to go beyond the well-established blue-light quenching and to find additional ways to gain optical control by manipulating the photocycles of microbial rhodopsins in a target manner.

Prof. Dr. Josef Wachtveitl

Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Goethe University, Frankfurt



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