Project 03

Molecular basis of lipid transport across the periplasm

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Klaas Martinus Pos

Research Areas: Membrane, Biochemistry, Structural Biology


The periplasm of Gram-negative bacteria is confined by the inner membrane (IM) composed of a bilayer of phospholipids and the outer membrane (OM), with an inner layer of phospholipids and an outer layer of mainly lipopolysaccharides. The preservation of the OM-lipid asymmetry is necessary to protect the cell from hydrophobic toxins. In Campylobacter jejuni  the transport of phospholipids between the IM and OM is presumably based on lipid shuttling catalyzed by an RND transporter and MlaA/MlaC homologs. In project P03, we will investigate the role of the putative lipid RND transporter, its dependence on MlaA and MlaC homologs, its structure, function, and the molecular mechanism of lipid transport through the periplasm.

Prof. Dr. Klaas Martinus Pos

Institute of Biochemistry Goethe University, Frankfurt



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# equally contributed *corresponding author