Service Project Z02

Single-particle cryo-EM infrastructure

Principle Investigator: Lukas Sušac, Tatjana Schusser, Martin Beck, Robert Tampé

Research Areas: Structural Biology, Single-particle cryo-EM


The major aim of the high-resolution imaging platform (Z) is to provide access to state-of-the- art cryogenic electron microcopy (cryo-EM) to the members of the Collaborative Research Center. By offering technical expertise and extensive methodological know-how, the Z project enables CRC projects to benefit from the unrivaled capabilities of cryo-EM to illuminate macromolecular structure and function. In addition, the service project will train the next generation of cryo-EM microscopists among the researchers and students of the CRC, and beyond. Finally, the Z project will also devote substantial efforts to the development of new approaches for sample preparation and screening. The central infrastructure will provide a decisive technological advantage to all projects of the CRC by delivering unique, high- resolution insights into the molecular membrane biology via cryo-EM imaging that will substantially contribute to the success of the CRC.

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Dr. Lukas Sušac

Scientific Coordination of high-resolution cryo-EM infrastructure

Tatjana Schusser

Application Specialist Electron Microscopy


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*corresponding author